Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Garden in Quicktime

This movie was made with a Nikon digital camera and is in Quicktime or .mov format. The clicking sound you can hear is an annoying feature of movies made with this camera, but I have a hunch you can turn off that sound. I just don't know how to. If you want to see more pix of my garden start here.


Bettina said...

Hi Michael:
This is Bettina, from Buenos Aires Argentina, taking the EVO session on weblogs.
I was going through your page and posts (as Bee suggested we did previuos to your talk tomorrow at Learning Times)and found that this particular post - which was supposed to be a "movie"- appeared as a photo-explanation show... is it possible that "something" in my browser did not allow the video?

Michael said...

Hi Bettina.

It sounds like you may not have Quicktime installed. This particular movie needs it to play. Quicktime can be found at

- Michael.

Ms. Wagner said...

Hi, I am Regina from California and enjoyed looking at your garden pictures. I just finished listening to your EVO session about audio blogging. I noticed one of the plants that you didn't have a name for. It's a lime green colored plant with greensih bracketed flowers. I think that is a euphorbia of some sort. I tried to grow one and it died but think it's a cool and odd looking plant to have in the garden. Yours looked very healthy. Happy gardening.

Michael said...

I think you're right Regina. It's a euphorbia, and I've discovered that there are a lot of them. Check ! The one in the picture on my website actually died, but a new one came up just a metre away!

TerryT said...

Hi Michael
Love your garden. And, yes, it is a euphorbia. And, yes, there are lots of them. Beautiful different shades of blue/green to yellow/green and don't need much water.
The video took a took a while to download, but no other probs with it.
The audio is great. It adds such an immediate, and human, dimension.

Michael said...

Rapt that you visited my blog again Terry! Now if all we had to do for our project was blog all would be hunky-dory! :)

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