Monday, February 21, 2005

Digital Storytelling Workshop - comments

(audio comment about 3 minutes long)

Carole McCulloch
Noarlunga TAFE Campus
Example of digital story in a blog
Another digital story made with Photo Story

Seven Elements of Digital Storytelling
Point of view
Dramatic question
Emotional content
Gift of voice
Power of sound track


Carole @ Wodonga said...

I liked your Photo Stories Michael, your voice has a unique quality and lends itself beautifully to telling stories.

Enjoy your journey into Digital Storytelling - I think you are absolutely right when you say that this entertaining process will engage with many people and maybe even take over from TV viewing as the most frequent entertainment activity in the home.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comment about my voice Carole. While on the topic I just read this piece about an online teacher who obviously has a great online voice. See A Virtual Virtuoso:
CathyAnne Murtha

Bee said...

Hi Michael,
Have created my first digital story using Windows Movie Maker...check it out at

Did not manage to insert the narration on top of the song, though :-(