Saturday, February 05, 2005

Birthdays, Glenelg, Garden and Blogging

I’ve had a lovely day today. It began with breakfast at the Stamford Grand Hotel at Glenelg for my Mum who turned 90 a few weeks ago, and my brother Damien. Mum thoroughly enjoyed herself and announced that she’d like to live in the hotel! She did actually live at Glenelg many years ago and has a real soft spot for the place. So did I once but IMHO Glenelg has been ruined by overdevelopment. Quite a sobering experience after our recent visits to Fremantle in the West where they have capitalized on existing architecture and history rather than bulldoze it all in favour of more modern ‘development.’ Quite sad really.

The rest of the day was spent in the garden in gentle 24 degree sunshine. We’re having very cool weather for February, typically the hottest month of the year around here with temps around 30 or more. And am now finishing the day with a blog post or two with backgound music from Morocco provided by the Rough Guide series.


Ale W said...

Hi Mike,
wow, this is incredible, so we can not only read your posts but listen to you! I am in the Webheads and Weblogging groups and have been reading about tasks for this week in which we have to post sound files to our blogs. I have had a look at audblog and handybits and have even sent voice mails but I still don't get a clue of how to do this you are doing of embedding this sound file in the blog. Well, maybe I have to wait till Feb 11 when I see we have a chat with you in Learning Times.
For the time being I will keep visiting your blog to see if I finally learn how to post sound files.
As for your mum's birthday I imagine her best present must have been to have you and your brother there. My dad turned 80 last September and he was also thrilled to be able to have my brother and his family and my family together for dinner at the Sheraton in the city where they live, Mar del Plata. We live like 500 km apart from one another.
By the way, we also had low temperatures for summer last week, mornings were 4C! Anyway, at this moment it must be like 27C ... what am I doing here when I should be in the swimming pool at the club enjoying my last week of summer holiday.

Regards from Argentina
Alejandra Weser

Michael said...

Hi Ale.

I have been talking to Bee tonight about my presentation in a few days and she would rather I didn't just concentrate on the technical aspects of embedding audio in blogs so I'll try and explain it in another post.