Monday, April 04, 2005

Vlogging with Instant Videogenerator

Instant Videogenerator is a companion of Instant Audio. Let's see how it works.....


Teresa Almeida d'Eça said...

Hi, Michael!
You look great in the IV message! I'm browsing for examples with asynch tools to include in my APPI presentation on Building CoPs, and this blog of yours is definitely "in" as an example of audioblogging! :-)
Lovely picture of Joti and Laura!

pete said...

Hi michael,
I seem to have had better luck than what you had with - I've managed to get audio and video into my blog without too many dramas.

I thought I'd mention it to you as its a bit cheaper than instandaudio -

anyway you can check out my experiments at



Michael said...

So Peter it was you!! I checked out your blog and yes we do seem to be experimenting in the same territory.

I wish audioblogger had worked for me but it just wouldn't. Obviously it's OK for you. And it's quite a bit cheaper. Grrr.

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