Thursday, April 28, 2005

Technology and Innovation

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And here is the quote from Stephen Downes that I was trying to show in the presentation this morning. Quoting Antti Oulasvirta, Human Technology, April 27, 2005 he comments:

I'm not sure this is true: "innovation, development, and evaluation of design ideas cannot be based only on the designer's intuitions but must be grounded in users' actual needs and behaviors. We need to apply social and psychological sciences to understand how technology could qualify as a positive change for the users." The reason why I express doubt is that the 'need' for an innovation often becomes knowable only after the innovation has been introduced.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, great blog!

Michael said...

Thank you Ms/Mr Anonymous!

Elizabeth H-S said...

I totally agree that we often don't find a use for an innovation until it is in our laps, as it were.

Here is a great story from National Public Radio on blogging:

Is Blogging Good for Marriage?

The story reminds me of how often Jack and I email each other, when we are sitting in the same office (or side-by-side at the kitchen counter here in our Florida beach house).

There is something about writing, as opposed to speaking...


PS: Hope to visit you in Perth next January.