Friday, April 22, 2005

Phone Post from Westone

this is an audio post - click to play

Just another phone blog test. Just ignore this one! :)


Anonymous said...

h! - m!ch@3l..... pfft! ssst!

yuk! - that audio post was mangled by technology somewhere along the line!

better luck next time

Michael said...

Brad - is this your comment? Yes 'our post' got lost somewhere. If you're not Brad, can you explain what you mean? The Phone Post from Westone worked fine for me. (over a dial up connection).

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael

No that was not my comment.

As you said don’t know what happened to our posting but at least the next two postings seemed to work. Do you think our posting was too long?

Brad :-)

Michael said...

No Brad. I really have no idea why our recording that night didn't work. Maybe I was just too tired and pressed the wrong buttons. Every post I've tried since has worked.