Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Message to those at the APPI Conference

Originally uploaded by mikecogh.

The photo above shows the Quest on James Apartments in Perth - I'll be beaming into the APPI Conference from here.


Sus Nyrop said...

Hi Michael,

I was inspired by you and did my first voice message as an audioblogger recording. This will not be my last effort on this.

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Elizabeth H-S said...

Sorry I won't be able to make the conference--it turns out the time is just too late for me here in California.

Instead I send greetings!

Michael--I want your little module for the audio controls! Where did you find it???

Nice space--I have Adelaide, Education and Life in my RSS feed at Bloglines. I hope to send an audio message as soon as my husband wakes up.

Cheers to all-- especially Teresa!

Michael said...

Elizabeth - the audio controls come courtesy of Instant Audio ( @ approx US$20/month. You'll see the same tool in operation in LearningTimes.