Sunday, January 09, 2005

Using a Blog to House Student Work

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Blogs can be used to house student work, together with teacher feedback. If students post their work in a blog it is a convenient way of housing all student work and teacher feedback in one location. It might look like this:

Student Writing

My name is T. I come from Vietnam. I had been in Australia over ten years. I refuge because my country has war. I has three children. When I came here they young. I had a part-time job. I work in Vietnamese Restaurant a few month. Then I work in factory The Raptic and son. Although butcher shop in Kensington.

The first time I came to Australia I find everything too strange and difficult. For example: I can't speak English to communicate with people. He food's different in my country and the weather made unwealthy to me.

I like living in Australia because Australia has a tranquility and freedom. I think I have a new life and I started. Furthermore, I learned a lot of new things I open my knowledge lived in Australian society.

In the future, I would like to do aged-care or nail technology. I hope I have a successful in the future. I think I'm very lucky to lived in Australia.

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Elizabeth said...

I have been in Australia over ten years. (Present Perfect: up to the present)

Either: I was a refugee because my country was at war.
Or: I was a refugee because there was war in my country.
Or: I migrated to Australia to escape the war in Vietnam.

I have three children. (NOTE: I have, we have, they have / it has, she has, he has)

When I came here, they were young. (Past Simple)

I had a part-time job (Past Simple)

for a few months.

a few months ("a few" + plural noun)

Then I worked in a factory called "Raptis & Son".

Also, I worked in a butcher shop in Kensington.

For example, I couldn't speak English to communicate with people. Also, the food was very different and the weather made me feel unhealthy.

I think I have started a new life. (present perfect)Furthermore, I have learnt a lot of new things about Australian society and my knowledge is much wider.

I think I'm very lucky to live in Australia.

Note - when you you use verb with infinitive never use the past tense!!!!!!!!