Friday, January 28, 2005

Crashing Browsers and Ambience

Mmm. I thought I was pretty clever getting that embedded video to work...until James Farmer told me it crashed his browser. Sorry James. I'm loathe to move it to another page so I'll just have to keep adding new posts so the offending embedded video is pushed down off the front page. Whatever gets me writing I reckon.

I'm thinking of changing browsers actually. IE may have won the battle with Netscape (sadly), but it just gets more and more dangerous. Mozilla and Firefox seem viable and sensible options. Anyone out there care to comment?

I didn't take the digicam to the beach tonight as it didn't like the sunset would be that grand. Wrong. It was an Adelaide classic. Here's where I was.

I had a good chat with Stephan Ridgway today. He has just spent a week at Henley Beach and he raved about Adelaide's ambience. (Stephan's from Sydney.) Nice to hear that. I'm kind of searching for Adelaide gems after the experience of Perth last week. Perth's public spaces are superb - eye-catching and people friendly - and it left me wondering what I would do with them if I had a visitor from Perth. Well Stpehan's solved the problem. Show them the ambience! :) Anyone know where it is?

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