Tuesday, January 25, 2005

More Cutting Edge Comment - with MP3 audio

Replying to Bee's blog on the Cutting Edge Presentation:


Bee said...

This is DA BOMB (as my kids say it), Michael! I love it!
We can now leave audio answers on the blogs ...have you tried to post it in the comment area as well? I wonder whether it would work!
And perhaps you could podcast your answer...I was planning to do it...but you have more time now as you are on holidays...why don't you visit this address, try it out and then tell me how it went?

eConnections said...

A very nice blog Michael!I like it, especially the Instant Audio thing.
What did you use to record your message to Bee? Did you use HandyBits Voice Mail? How did you put it on your blog?

Michael said...

Thanks Bits of Stuff! I just followed Barbara Dieu's (Bee) lead. I used Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) to record the audio, uploaded it to my server, and linked to it in Blogger.

To check how to link to the audio file and embed the player see the source code. I checked Bee's and copied hers.