Sunday, January 23, 2005

Monkey Mia

So much to say about this extraordinarily beautiful place, but for now I'll just leave you with a photo.

Dolphins Posted by Hello

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Buthaina Alothman said...

Wow!!! Thought they were sharks, when I first looked. This is so lovely, breathtaking, indeed!

Michael, we here in Kuwait used to have very similar view in our regional waters, near an island called, Kubar; not exactly like Monkey Mia, but who knows with the new reformation plans announced in the counrty,recently it could be a nice resort if they want.

Well, I still remember watching dolphins, years ago before 1990, came near the beach, in an area called Mina Abdallah; (Mina is the Arabic word for port) and near another beach of an area called Bnaider, both near the southern borders towards SAK. Unfortunately, we don't have them now! It's because of the pollution that killed or forced them to migrate.

Nevertheless, the good news is that the authority here seems serious lately about cleaning our waters and beaches to save the marine environment. A huge project has begun, in 2003 that we should see its results, I think, in few more years. Another project has started a few months ago, by a Japanese company. This project aims at cleaning the beaches of Shuwaikh, an area towards the North of Kuwait, and near an important port. Hope things eventually work here, and we can have those lovely friendly dolphins back in our waters.

Thanks, for sharing the image, it said it all, no need to add. Enjoy your holiday.



PS I couldn't resist the picture so I linked to it from one of the screen shots, on the page documenting your last MVP, I hope you don't mind.