Thursday, January 25, 2007

Welcome to BAW 2007

I was sitting here as I posted this message. (Photo also taken using the same phone and posted to Moblog.)


Anonymous said...

Cheers to you too, Michael! I loved your garden! I live in Siberia so I don't usually see such kind of nature :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
It was nice to hear your voice and know about hipcast. Posting a message to your blog through a regular phone is something I did know about. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to our conference today.
Abra├žos from Brazil

Berta said...

Hi Michael, I missed your session today but enjoyed the messsage you left for us here. Incredible, eh? how all these tools offer a myriad of possibilities. Your backyard looks beautiful. I am getting more and more interested in Australia these days as my son might emigrate there. Cheers, Berta from Venezuela

Michael said...

Yes Berta - what's possible is incredible :) If you're son does indeed make it to Australia and ever gets to Adelaide tell him he is most welcome to get in touch with me.

- Michael

Daf said...

Love your blog, Michael, sooooo many toys :-)

Thanks again for sharing with us your expertise.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michael, for sharing such great technological things with us. I'm always looking forward to getting my computer and discover the new things I'll learn everyday. Technology is amazing and the infinity of tools designed to help us and entertain us is great. This course is really being a enriching and fulfilling experience. Thank you!
Paula Ferreira

Michael said...

Paula - I like your choice of words: 'help an entertain'. Perhaps we can add teach. I think it's the 'entertain' part that a lot of teachers don't appreciate. They just see it as a lot of hard work, and don't realise the tremendous enjoyment these tools can provide.