Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sample for Learn Meeting

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I like your layout.

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Well...let me know, and it's very nice meeting you.

pete said...

Hi Michael.

welcome to blog comment spam! ( i refer to the post above) at least this comment spam is fairly innocuous.

My blog got hit with rubbish that was obviously designed to up the rating of a site in googles search listings.

I suggest that you actually keep this comment spam in your blog so that you can use it as an example in your teaching.



Michael said...

OK Peter I will keep this comment. And thanks for the welcome to blog comment spam!

So they do this to get business, and improve their hit ratings on Google? I have trouble turning up content in my blog if I use Google. I'd kind of concluded (maybe wrongly) that stuff inside blogs was not easily searchable....

pete said...

Hi Michael,
the content of blogs has a low rating. But blog comments have a very high rating. - I suppose the logic is that if a blog attracts comments, it must be worth reading and so it goes up the search listings. - i suppose it means that if you comment on your own blog it becomes more visible.

There is something you can switch on in blogger preferences... its a word verification scheme - in order to post a comment onto a blog you need to enter in a word thats been graphicly distorted. it is supposed to stop comment spam.

Michael said...

Thanks for the tip Peter. I have turned on word verification and see how it goes.