Sunday, August 28, 2005

Michael's House

Michael's House
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If you haven't discovered Google Earth yet and wiled away precious hours having fun with it I recommend you do so! It's a collection of aerial photographs of the entire planet. Some countries have better photos than others, and the photos of Australia are good enough to actually find your own house. This is what my house looks like from above!


pete said...

Hi Michael, I too am impressed with google earth and a host of other innovations from google. It got me wondering about where google are heading and what it means to teaching and learning.

there is an artcle here which explains some of googles strategy : -

Michael said...

Thanks for the article Peter. Someone suggested recently that God should be renamed Google...they're certainly very busy expanding thei reach. I saw this today - - they could end up owning every book in existence. Why do these mega-compan ies just want to keep on getting bigger? Do they really believe they're helping us?

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