Saturday, August 20, 2005

This is Word Calling Blogger, Word Calling Blogger

This is a trial post using the new blog in Word feature. I am writing this in Word and am about to hit the publish button to see if I can experience yet another layer of blogging magic! Let’s see……. (


Bee said...

Apparently it works! What are the advantages?

Michael said...

At the risk of stating the obvious Bee, I guess it's the fact that many of us write in Word most of the time. I certainly do. I might be more willing to blog in writing if I know it's a simple matter of using the new blogger tool bar in Word. (But of course this may promote a proliferation of things that are better not blogged! And is there such a thing? Is everything worth blogging? :)
I guess for people who are less comfortable in the Blogger interface it raises the level of comfort and subtracts one hurdle from the publishing process. Word becomes one step closer to a one stop shop.

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