Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wouldn't it be nice....

Wouldn't it be nice if you worked for an organisation that:

  • Crowd-sourced ideas on how to implement change and find solutions to externally imposed imperatives
  • Used flat organisation wide communication tools like Yammer
  • Flattened the hierarchical nature of bureaucratic structures
  • Trusted the wisdom of colleagues and peers
  • Operated within a culture of trust
  • Openly shared content between and within the various arms of the organisation
  • Offered staff opportunities to expand business rather than just constantly asking them to cut costs
  • Had managers that showed educational leadership and modelled the use of elearning and social media tools
  • Respected and supported individuals who choose to use their own preferred technologies to conduct their business
  • Acknowledged that it is no longer a world where one size fits all
  • Encouraged shared decision making at all levels of the organisation
  • Had employees that spoke up honestly and respectfully about ideas imposed from the top which they know will not work
  • Had teachers who stood up for what they know to be sound teaching practice, and refused to do things that interfere with their ability to be good teachers
  • Encouraged teaching rather than training and focused on producing good citizens of society rather than workers in an economy.


Mandy Lacy said...

Loved your last point particularly Mike.

Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at nswlearning11 last week too, very inspirational.



Unknown said...

Hi Mike
I particularly liked the last comment about producing effective citizens and not just workers. We need a mobilised citizenry if we want to see lasting positive change take place in all aspects of life.


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