Friday, October 03, 2008

A New, Free, Web Based Polling Tool


RhysatWork said...

Hey Michael,

I made my vote. Interested to know why you chose this external polling tool rather than the ones supplied by blogger. Also, how was the wine.

BTW in answer to your question re #hashtags by using this method of adding a hash # to your tweets it allows tweets of a common theme to be grouped together and aggregated using other search and twitter tools the # is basically code for "this is a tag"


Michael said...

Thanks for your vote Rhys. I chose this tool cos

1) it's new and I wanted to try it
2) I didn't know Blogger had polling tools!
3) you can also vote in this poll via phone

And ta for the info on #tags. Figured it out meantime playing with Twitterscoop and Tweetdeck.