Monday, October 06, 2008

Moodle Moot AU 2008

Some thoughts on the recent Moodle conference in Brisbane, Australia. Audio (7 mins 37 secs) provided from Utterli, and images from the conference provided by Slideflickr


Anonymous said...

Nicely and succinctly captured Michael!!

geonou said...

Thanks Michael..feel like I was there..appreciated the filtering and future directions for Moodle and Mahara..all great. Did they mention anything about nanogong..are you using that in Moodle..others finding it fabulosu for that audio component? Miss the audio forum which gave you that 'comment' feature..kindof. Love the visual with audio..can't go past it!

Michael said...

Hi Georgina.

I didn't catch any discussion of Nanogong or any audio tools for mangaging forums. I did a bit of a search for audio forums at but it is all a bit geeky for me. As good as it is it may be a bit much for the average user to get them up and running. Who did this for your mob?