Sunday, August 27, 2006

Embedding Podomatic

This is very neat! Now I no longer need to refer people over to my Podomatic (podcast) site. It can all happen here in the one space. Bravo Podomatic and Blogger!


deliab said...

I've been trying to embed my Podomatic site into Blogger but I'm not having any success. Blogger tells me the code is unacceptable. Did this happen to you? I assume I have the right code: the top one (of 3) to the right of the sample inside Podomatic... Any advice?

deliab said...

An update on the 'embedding problem'. When I came home, I tried again. On the EMBED PODCAST page, I tried the 3rd alternative, the "Badge (alternate to player)" and it worked. I'm still unable to successfully embed the 1st alternative, "Put this on your podcast" but I'm happy with one success. Cheerily,

Michael said...

Delia - I had no problems with copying the first one. But I do occasionally get these error messages in Blogger. You can sometimes just ignore them. If you try it again you get another message which asks something like "do you want to stop getting error messages about this post?" - and just go to the next step. Maybe it was one of those cases when Blogger reckons there's an error in the code but it works anyway......

Elizabeth H-S said...

sorry to be so tardy in catching up on my blogroll.

Others have reported similar problems:

Sometimes Blogger cuts out the first < or even the < a at the beginning of code, so you have to scan through the code to see if all the bits of html are opened and closed correctly.

Michael--I'm happy you got the podOmatic in and an email delivery too--I've been playing with similar things at
and found and Hellodeo to be really easy to use with a Webcam. Now you can lip-synch "Happy Online" for us!

Happy coding--
--Elizabeth H-S