Saturday, August 12, 2006

Broome at Sunset

Originally uploaded by mikecogh.
Just ensuring that Flickr still talks to Blogger....I haven't tried this for a while. There is really an astounding number of ways to get content into your blog - directly via Blogger, via phone, via email, via Word, via Google Videos and YouTube....

anyway...this is one of the many beautiful classic images of a Broome sunset. The boat is just there for tourists - it's a fake lugger that takes you out for a pearling demo and a few drinks, but it looks really inviting as you fly in to Broome, and gets the digicams clicking if you're on the beach watching the daylight fade.


Anonymous said...

How do you post to a blog directly from Word?
Don't know that one!

Michael said...

It's a breeze. Just get the toolbar from