Thursday, January 12, 2006

Learncasting, etc

Thoughts generated by a conversation with Allan Carrington. See Allan's great slides where he introduces the concept of Learncasting, and lists the value of using audio as part of instructional content.
Scholar360 is the new LMS referred to that attempts to incorporate a social software approach.
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Unknown said...

Hi, Michael,

I really enjoyed listening to your ideas on learncasting and loved the name! I'm in the baW group and am extremely interested in the "podagogy" you mentioned. I've tried some podcasting in class as listening activities as well as oral production. It's simply amazing how my Brazilian students benefited from it, accostuming their ears to unrehearsed discourse and producing language more consciously. "See" you tomorrow, eager to learn more.

Carla Arena
Brasilia - Brazil

Michael said...

It's really good to hear this about podcasting Carla. Because I prefer interactive approaches and podcasting is essentially broadcasting. But maybe students can relax when they are not in realtime conversation and as you say, produce more of the target language?