Sunday, March 16, 2014

5 Step Guide to Being German - 3rd Edition

Quirks in the collective personalities of nations are a rich vein of humour for comedians and the much travelled Paco Erhard is in a better position to exploit this than most. Americans are lousy at geography, the Spanish are a tad too laid back, and the Bavarians don't like to be thought of as German. Not so much a 5 step guide to being German but more of a defence/explanation of why Germans are the way they are, this funny and entertaining show has a serious point to make about cultural differences. If only political leaders might adopt the comedian's realistic view that none of us are normal.....certainly not Germans. Yes Erhard gets good mileage from Germany's past (Nazism, etc) but it's from the perspective of a generation who had no part in it and yet are held to account for Germany's past sins. Sounds heavy but it's not. Erhard's beguiling charm has us all laughing at ourselves, but mostly at Germans! 

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