Thursday, August 06, 2009

Peter Ellyard - Educational Leadership in the 21st Century


deliab said...

Is there an audio version of Peter's full presentation? I enjoyed reading your notes and would love to hear Peter's voice too. When I press 'listen now', all I hear is the 15-second 'odiogo' lead-in. Am I missing something?

Michael said...

No Delia, you are not missing anything. The 'listen now' feature will only read the words that I post, but not anything that was posted by other software - as this post was. And as this was a non-elearning conference there'll be no recording of Peter's talk. There should be a ppt available later and I'll try and remember to let you know when it is! Glad you enjoyed my live coverage.

deliab said...

Thanks, Michael. Am I right then in understanding, from your reply, that I all I can hear is the name of the author of the talk (about 15 seconds in all) and not the 'live summary' that you posted? If so, the 'listen now' is a little misleading. That said, the notes are quite evocative in themselves, especially as I too love clusters of words beginning with the same letter of the alphabet.

Unknown said...

I was going throgh your post, it is really good from the education point of view. I enjoyed the notes but plz provide some material like PPT's and some audio clips to learn more.

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Michael said...

Lisa - thank you for your comment. I agree that some audio-visual materials would be good to support my blogging of this event, but in this case they were not provided by conference organisers.