Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Using the Moodle Book Module


Unknown said...

Hey, Mike,

My question is: how would you envision using the book module?

I keep using the weekly set for the modules and then I create the tasks, add pages, audio, etc.

Have you used the book module for something specific?

I'd love to learn with you as I'm a basic moodle user!

Michael said...

Hi Carla.

The Book module is handy if you want to have some built-in navigation for a block of content that gets too long.

I typically use Moodle the way you describe, but sometimes pages get really loooonnnng. In which case the Book module can make the page look more presentable - ie less scrolling.

The Add Section Links can be used for the same thing.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mike! Keep sharing about MOODLE. I've been using it for our online classes in Brazil.

Beijos from warm Key West.