Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Alex is at this moment on a bus traveling to inland NSW. My son is somewhere in the ACT camping out while building a structure somewhere that will replace something that went west in the ACT bushfires. My brother is somewhere in the red centre in the Uluru region. And I’m at my desk at home. Happily. Partly because I’m about to join the travelers. In a couple of days I’m going here - Weligama - a place I visited several times 25 years ago.

25 years ago I traveled with nothing that needed plugging in. Now I have to check here to make sure I’m prepared. Make sure that I’m able to connect and share. I will read what you have to say when I’m half a world away. I will share pictures and words from where I am. 25 years ago I’d happily be out of contact with everyone I knew for weeks. But times have changed. My phone will beep on arrival in Sri Lanka telling me I’m connected. Hotel rooms in Colombo will have Internet. There’ll be Internet cafes in the villages. I can post images, movies, and audio to the Net from my phone.

I will post content to a collection of sites that may not be compliant, probably break laws of copyright, and I will engage in debate and discussion about learning in between swims and seeking out old friends. I won’t be enrolled in any course but I’ll be learning because I’m networked. Happily. I’ll be engaged. It will just seem natural to continue the conversations from a place far removed from the desk I sit at now. And I know I’m not alone doing this. The world has changed…….


Unknown said...

Nice one Michael.

Seems befitting to comment and not blog the comment elsewhere and rely on trackbacks.

That would be too machine oriented although many others are doing so. In fact we may even see the need for comment features in blogs dissapear for good.

I heartened to see that your up and about at around the same time I am ( Skype ) and that your interested in what I am ( del.icio.us ) and that your reading.......

Now, time to blog somthing befitting on this myself now that I've returned to the big smoke for the week.

Have a good one.

Michael said...

Trackbacks are just one of the many things I don't understand in this connected world Alex - perhaps you can give me a private tut....maybe I should come and see you in Sydney or Orange.....

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