Saturday, November 25, 2006

Students' Thermoses

Students' Thermoses
Originally uploaded by mikecogh.
Chinese students like to take a thermos of hot water with them to Uni. They use it to make tea or just to drink hot water. I found out in my last day in Nanjing that Chinese people regularly drink plain hot water with meals. You live and learn!


Anonymous said...

I've seen them doing this too. I though it strange at first but after a while it makes sense. Alot of them make tea from flowers as well as just tea leaves.

deliab said...

I often drink hot water instead of tea or coffee. I feel it is such a purifier. When discusssing my sore throat with a Chinese colleague recently, he advised: "Drink plenty of water. It always works for me".

I love this photo. A thermos installation.

Anonymous said...

This year I found out that Americans really drink coke with everything, no matter what. And they put you ice in the restaurants even if you don't ask for it. And besides, it's close to impossible to find loose tea.
So much more to learn!

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