Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Real Students, Real People, and the Benefits of Technology

Check Terry Marler's Blog


pete said...

Great post Michael. I agree that sometimes we might get too wrapped up in the latest internet gadget and can become disconnected from what really matters to the [hu]man in the street.

I wonder if a student isnt a real studetn that must be an "unreal" student ?:)

I'm also watching the progress of things like the $100 laptop and other initiatives as I think that the flow on effect will even benefit our affluent society.

Leigh Blackall said...

an encouraging story about the students creating videos to demo their use of power tools. I've been trying to encourage this model of student generated content in my place of work Mike, but with a shortage of teachers who are not so fearful of using newer technologies for media production (anythinig newer than a photocopier that is) I find it a hard concept to sell.

If you could chase down a link to this example you mention Mike, and email it to me, that would help me out quite a bit.

I've started del.icio.us tagging things like this "web2trades"

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