Thursday, February 02, 2006


Mark (the pup), Mike, and Dave from Old Dogs Can.

Michael in Song

Who's Mark Keough?
What do I sound like?
Where do Michael Coghlan and Old Dogs Can play?
Seven Stars Hotel
First Friday every month
187 Angas St City
7 - 11 pm


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
I went to listen to a song but found that they were all in .ram format ( which requires real player).

you should try an open source alternative like mpeg4, or even ( for ease of use) .WMV format.

Michael said...

Dear Anonymous Person,

These songs were all put up years back when mp3 didn't exist, and Real Player was the preferred player of many web users, but yes things have changed and you're right, I should update things. Real used to have great compression though. These songs were around 500 kb in size, and the equivalent mp3 is around 3MB. And Real was an excellent format for streaming in the days when most people had dial up. MP3s are not very dial up friendly.

But thanks for making this observation. It has reminded me to update all the audio files on my website. I have added one mp3 file to my songs
. I'll work away at the rest!

deliab said...

Dear Michael,

Thanks for creating the next best thing to being there for those of us, beyond Adelaide, unable to pop in to the 'Seven Stars Hotel' on the First Fridays. I loved the songs.