Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I've always wanted to do this!


Anna said...

Michael, you've made my day! Excellent job!

Michael said...

Hi Anna! If Blogger had been working when I did my presentation at the AMEP conference this is what I was going to do live!

Bee said...

The Voice Harry Belafonte sung by another more recent Voice :-) Lovely.
and this also reminds me of that film...what was the name? Beetlejuice?

deliab said...


What sheer pure joy! And I love the translucent green button. Merrily,


pete said...


your a cert for Australian Idle [ Sic]

Leigh Blackall said...

bring on the album!!

Suggested tracks:

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Coming over Jordon
Drummer Boy
(Some Murl Haggart country and western just to screw with minds a bit)
Upload to CCMixter and see what happens

Good singing Michael. Time to buy a hat.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! When you go on tour again, you must do Day-O for the squirrels in NYC.