Sunday, May 15, 2005

Free Google Vlogging (video blogging) on the Way

Read all about it.


pete said...

Hi michael,
with the power of google behiind the idea, Vlogging might become a mainstream activity.

A free site for video and other content already exists, and I feel that its underlying philosophies are "better".

Michael said...

Thanks for the tip Peter. I see Our Media is a partner of the Internet Archive from where I have unsuccessfully tried to link a video before. Myabe Our Media is more user friendly. I've just uploaded a video there and must now wait up to 24 hrs before I can see it. That's a fair time to wait. I imagine that if Google can make one's 'vlog' instantly available that will be a big plus. I guess the delay in publishing is partly due to wanting to check copyright concerns and general quality control - quite understandable. But interesting that the Instant Video services is in fact instant so they don't have the same concerns when it is a paid service. Why should that matter I wonder - the issues are still the same?

PS Did you go paragliding today?