Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inside- Frank Woodley and Simon Yates

This is theatre rather than comedy; art rather than entertainment. Comedy and tragedy are different sides of the same coin, and Inside clearly demonstrates this paradox. Brothers Vasili and Viktor are confined in a dark place, and have been for a very long time. Their symbiotic relationship is endearing and sometimes uncomfortable for the audience. It goes way beyond the fraternal as they struggle to maintain their sanity. A five minute window of sunlight each day allows them to dream, and entertain hopes of escape. There are funny moments and they come as welcome comic relief. Often people laughed at what I found sad - I was searching for the symbolism - while others needed to laugh. Plenty of physical comedy and clever musical moments, but clearly Frank Woodley is trying something new, and it worked for me. But it was much more than just a laugh. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tim Fitzhigham - The Gambler

Some would argue that betting is in the Australian blood. An hour with wide-eyed Tim Fitzhigham makes it quite clear that our obsession with betting has ancient roots in the mother country. Tim has done some very strange things in his time, all in the name of a good bet. Pushing wheelbarrows across London, challenging the world's best in chess, rowing a bathtub across the English channel, long distance Morris dancing - and he re-enacts these crazy adventures with the skills of an engaging storyteller. And if his stories seem a bit far-fetched he has photographs to back them up. The appeal of this show is the weirdness of the tales and the humour and infectious energy of the storyteller as we relive his oddball adventures and take our own bets on their outcome. Like a bet? Take a chance and go and see this funny, enjoyable, and instructive show.


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