Sunday, April 19, 2009


I’ve been trying to assemble a list of good practice Moodle sites without much success. Several people have offered examples of well designed Moodle sites with a list of courses that are not publicly accessible without an enrolment key. So I can’t actually get inside the courses themselves. And that of course is one of the beefs of the anti-CMS/LMS lobby. That CMSs and LMSs of any kind, even open source alternatives like Moodle, largely operate behind closed doors. Having to go to and log in to see examples in there is a hassle. (Compare with this fully open course)

In addition, many educators are reluctant to share their work because they don’t feel confident that others will value what they do. I know some great sites, but the teachers concerned would rather not make them public. (There is also the issue of getting students’ permission.)

So, here are a few I’ve found that you can cruise straight into. If you would like to add a site you know to the list please send it to me, or add it yourself to this public wiki.

1. Open Learn – the Open University
Lots of unfacilitated open courses to browse. Check out their excellent list of Learning Tools.

2. On Moodle’s own demo site at there are just two courses offered (use logins provided at site):
i) a Moodle Features demo
ii) Film Studies Module

3. On the Moodle commons I found this good example on Digital Photography

That’s all I’ve been able to find that I think are worth showing. There have to be hundreds more. PLEASE ADD THEM HERE


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